I came up with this idea of quote at someone's Instagram page all at sudden.
Sleep alone, eat alone. Take yourself on dates. In the middlest of this, you will learn about yourself, you will figure out what inspires you, you will curate your own dreams, your own beliefs, your own stunning clarity, and when you meet person or things that makes your cells dance, you'll be sure of it because you are sure of yourself.
What a cute the way of saying, loved it.

In this chapter I will write the description of project and why it makes my cells DANCE ;)

Ever since I started to work at a company for some years, I think I never stop thinking why am I doing such a work for no excitement.
I realized I really need to take time for myself to know myself. I think no one knows about themselves.

In the middle of time when I'm dazed on my life, I made a decision to travel Sri Lanka where people knows "the wisdom of life".

In this Sri Lanka travel, I will follow my inspiration and listen what my body tells because that's what I need, but for everyone.
I'm going to spend my daily even I'm in different land because it reminds me to live beautifully and it gives precious of living in just a typical days.

I will deeply appreciate if you would support for this project and in return I would send the gift with many thanks for who raised fund for this project.

I'd appreciate to hear back from you soon!
Wishing all the best for your new year.