Inside Syria, education is not enough.

so, we would like to give education with hope and dream.


 Nice to see you.

 I am Takayuki Nakano. I have worked in northern Syria as JICA volunteer during 2008 and 2010.


 At that time, I met one girl, and she taught me “the importance of having dream”. For having dream, education is one of the most important things. However, in present Syria, it is difficult that children receive education.


 I visited Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Greece, France, and  Sweden where Syrian people live in 2015. And there, I take with more than 100 refugees and stuffs for supporting Syrian. I heard “Please do something for education inside Syria” in many times. And I met Usama, who is living in Turkey as a refugee, but he is doing educational support inside Syria as volunteer by himself with his collegues in Syria. He has brought educational goods and money for school.


 Now we would like to pay for one year educational expenses 50 students in his school. please support us.



Photo in "my" village near Manbej.




I would like to realize dream of Syrian girl.



 The reason that I start my project is encounter with one Syrian girl during working as JICA volunteer.


 She lived in the village where I did activity, and she always helped me my activity. One day, she told me “my dream is making school for realizing children’s dream. therefore, I study hard for being doctor”.


 She studied hard and did grade-skipping. I was amazed her dream and effort. So, I said to her, “you are wonderful” from bottom of my heart. However, she spoke to me, “You are with us. So, I could have my own dream. Normally, people said to me that dreams cannot realize. But you show your activity.  You told me that I can do it. Your words and behavior gave me dream.”

 Since then, I have decided that I become a person who realize dreams, and tell children about the importance of having dreams. and from this idea, I am doing action everyday.


She helped me for making poster to do health education 
In schools, I explained about Japanese culture, and doctors did health education.





Before, Syria was safer than Japan.



 When you listen the name “Syria”, few people think it is peace and rich country. Normally, Syria is the bad image like “war”, “dangerous”, and “terrorism”. However, during my stay as JICA volunteer(2008-2010), I felt Syria was safer than Japan.


 When I rode a bus, person next to me paid bus fare instead of me. If on the road I felt thirsty, I just knocked door near there. Syrian guy welcomed me and gave me water, tea, and food.

 I forgot my mobile, watch, and even dairy with money, but all of these lost thing were back to me.



 My friend who lived in rural Syria had not good salary. But his house was big; 3 rooms, kitchen, living room and garden. He had 5 children and all of them went to schools. They were no worries of food. There was “rich” life.

"My" family's home in the village. He was not rich but all of children went to schools and and  there were a big house, enough food, and safe and healthy life.  




When I was in Syria, 97% children could go to school. but after only some years, the ratio has become under 50%.



There was firm education system; free tuition fee between elementary school to University. 97% children could go to school. Even small village, there were elementary schools. If women in a village were illiteracy, they can open literacy classes, and learn writing, reading, and counting for free.


So, Syria had enough education system. But now, by the effect of the war, enrollment rate decent under 50%, especially in Aleppo where the second biggest city in Syria the ration became only 6%. The change was occurred during only 5 years.

even small village, there were schools, it is normal for boys and girls to go to school.


I met wonderful young Syrian guy. He is refugee, but he has been doing educational support inside Syria.



 I met Syrian young guy who works hard for improving the education situation. His name is Usama. 27 years old. He has been doing the support from Turkey to Syria. When he was in Syria, he was English teacher.

 Now he lives in Turkey as refugee, and do education work for his family. And at the same time, he has been supporting the place where is insufficient of education for 4 years, as voluntary work. He brought stationaries, clothes etc to the area where could not receive support from other organization. 


 He spoke to me, “Children are hope. They are future. I would like to make school that give children chance to have their own dreams.”  But it is not easy to continue his support financially.




What can I do for the peace of Syria.



 After my visiting Syrian people in Middle East and Europe, I consider what I can do for Syrian people in many times. As ta result, I launched organization “Piece of Syria” for supporting education inside Syria and tell how Syrian people think instead of mass media.


 I am unusual Japanese who lived in rural side during Syria was peaceful, and travelled many countries for visit Syrian refugee in Middle East and Europe. Therefore what I can do is telling Syrian people’s heart. So far, I did photo exhibition and lectures in front of 5000 persons totally, and tell how is Syria and importance of peace.


Photo Exibiton at Osaka Station.



 Through this project, as what I can in Japan, I will do funding for teacher’s salary and educational tools with Mr. Usama, who is working with passion and warm heart.


Goal :1,000,000 yen(almost $10,000)


500,000 yen($5000) for teachers's salary for giving 50 children's education.


300,000 yen($3000) for public relation and making return for donors.

   This support is not only one time. It is continuos. We make website and goods to advertise our project. This cost must be used for Syrian children. Would you please understand this thought. And the goods will be designed to spread peace of Syria.


200,000 yen ($2000)is commission for Crowdfunding company.






“Hope” it is most important for Children living in Syria under the war.


 The name of “Piece of Syria” is put meaning “small piece of power is collected and make one connection(one piece)  to have big power for changing”, and “Syria has been separated like puzzle’s piece. so to cooperate with each power and make Syria peace.”


 I have experience that Syrian girl gave me the dream. But under severe situation in Syria, She may not able to realize her dream. Possibly, her situation is the most difficult all over the world.


 Please imagine.

 If you can give dream and hope to children under such a hard conditions. From them, if you will receive the word “thanks to “you”, I can draw dream.”


 It may be small power.

 But action for changing world is always from someone’s small step.

We hope you to step forward together.


My friend Usama support children fo keep studying.


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Sorry for my poor English!

I hope you understand my heart and passion!!!