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What If Career Driven  Sisters Designed A Hostel In Kyoto As Their Living Room To Invite Their New "Roommates"? 

Who Are We? What Do We Want To Achieve?


Hi world! I'm Aino Nishihama from NINIROOM. 
I'm a designer who has been worked in Helsinki, Osaka and Tokyo. Now however I have shifted my career a bit and am getting ready to open a design hostel in Kyoto with my sister, Mone.  She also had a strong PR career in a leading global manufacturer in Tokyo.  This project was originally created by our father who is an architect and now we work with his studio to give the building an exciting second life! 



Our mission is to focus on renovating the abandoned 40 year old printing office/garage building into a hostel to create a quality space where visitors experience both the city and community in a different light and discover a more authentic daily life in Kyoto. 



What We Need & How You Can Help


We setup the crowdfunding to invite people to support us as part of the renovation cost and join to create your new home here in Kyoto. All money raised will cover the construction for our dream place, to be as comfortable and unique as possible and to welcome our guests like as their new home. Join and be part of NINI's roommate’s :)


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The concept of our hostel is “The room of sisters, called NINI". 
NINI is actually from our family name Nishihama + Nishihama. You can see that the concept embodies our warm wishes to provide an opportunity for everybody to have "another home" to come back in Kyoto, or to feel like visiting your good friend's place.
We love traveling and always look for opportunities to get to know the real life of each city and the people when we visit places. In realizing our ideal travel style, it was always great and became totally different to know someone in the city so they can guide us. 
Luckily enough we have had chances to experience local life by visiting our various friends' home towns. Those experiences often became the most precious memories compared to visiting historical places or famous museums.
So we are hoping that our guests can get to know Kyoto as a city where it is like being welcomed by someone you’re close to, and can experience local life through our curated tips or events. 


[Japan, Southern little Island “Okino-Erabu”] Joined local festival and BBQ.


[Finland] Daily afternoon walk at 14:00 in winter. It is on frozen sea with temperature -20℃.


[Finland] Mushroom picking in the forest is  one of the biggest family event in autumn in Finland.


Where Does NINIROOM Locate?

NINIROOM is located in a great spot. It is in the middle of the main historical spots but also in a quiet residential area where you can find authentic local life.


Personally I studied in Kyoto and I have very good memories of life in university. Through my experience, I believe that Kyoto is not only a world famous tourist city but also a cozy place to live in, which you can experience richness of beautiful daily life.


You will find hidden cute shops at back alley.
NINIROOM's neighbour bublic bath
"Sakura-yu(Cherry Blossoms Bath)"founded almost 100 years ago.


River Kamo is just around the corner from NINIROOM.
Primary school children bathing in Kamo river during the summer.


"Jizobon" is unique event only remain in Kyoto,
which is a traditional summer festival for kidsthat held by small district in end of August.


How Does NINIROOM Look Like? 


NINIROOM doesn't have a spa or fancy restaurant but instead we are focusing on providing our favorite things that we would love to introduce you and our guests to.  Examples are seasonal drinks, local snacks, Japanese inspired design, local artwork, film, books… etc. Please feel free to stop by to see us! :)


Floor Plan



You can have fresh breakfast at the café before your day starts. 
You can stay here to work or check Emails if you feel like. 


You can get NINI's hand picked local taste from café counter. 



Private Room A (2 persons)

Suitable for couple or family. Small desk and chair would help business person to stay for their business trip too. Maximum 2 guests can stay in this room type.


Private Room B (2-3persons)

Suitable for small group of people. Maximum 3 guests can stay in this room type by using sofa bed.


Dormitory (MIX, Women only)

Strong wood structure makes no a wiggling that is caused by other guest's move. 
Surrounded by wood panel keeps each space like small private room.

Each booth has plugs and reading lamp. 


How about “Silent film viewing night”, 
“Pizza evening with other guests” or “Morning Yoga with locals”? We are still open for any of your ideas how to use the rooftop! 
We are very looking forward to organizing and inviting you all to enjoy together various events open air. 



Address: Higashi- Marutamachi 30-3, Marutamachi-Kawabata, Sakyo-ku, KYOTO
Opening Date: November. 2017
Number of Rooms: 18 Rooms
Price: Dormitory 3,000JPY~, Twin Room 8,000JPY~, Family Room 12,000JPY~
CAFÉ: Coffee 400JPY~, Breakfast 500JPY~, Beer 500JPY~


Together we can make this happen!


We really appreciate your support and ideas to develop our dream project. 
Thank you so much and we are looking forward to welcoming you all to NINIROOM soon!


Gift for our supporters



1. Original Illustration Postcard
We will send you the original postcard to your home to express our appreciation.

2. Original Illustration Mug Cup with Free Coffee at NINIROOM. 
It will wait for your first visit to NINIROOM and you can bring it to home after use. 

3. Name Tag for Your Travel Luggage
Wooden name tag with a hot iron NINIROOM logo on. 

4. Stay voucher (Dormitory)
You can also give it to your family or friends as gift.

5. Stay voucher (Twin Room)
You can also give it to your family or friends as gift.

6. NINI Sister's Seasonal Kyoto Selection
You will get NINI's hand picked gift from Kyoto. 

7. Supporters' Names in Our Website (Who wish only)
Your name will be appeared on the supporter list of our website and at NINIROM. 

8. Invitation for Opening Reception Party
Detail information will be updated later.