My name is Madoka and I belong to the Planning Committee of PAL.

Despite being completely Japanese, I was brought up in an international environment throughout my life. I have had the chance to engage myself in academic and social situations with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Through my experiences in such environment, I came to strongly believe that a multicultural forum would be very enriching and enjoyable as a platform for exchanging ideas and widening my horizons; thereby I decided to participate in the PAL project.

PAL focuses its participants on students from Asian countries. Promoting Asian Leadership is a very vast yet significant theme that is becoming increasingly relevant in our world today, in which the continent of Asia holds a large potential. Exchanging the possibilities and dreams of the youth is not only intriguing but also a great motivation and encouragement. I hope this project will allow students to discuss how to realize their ambitions beyond national borders, as citizens of Asian nations. Asian countries not only are geographically close, but also share similar cultures, histories, and ethics, which I hope can allow us to unite and understand each other better. As a member of the planning committee, I am working hard with my peers to construct activities that would allow for the foreign students to learn, understand, and enjoy various aspects of Japan. I believe this project is meaningful because it covers both academic and social aspects of such enrichment. Through this project I wish to engage in sharing stories, ideas and values with students from various universities in Asia. I believe that this project will lead to new discoveries for all of us, and can confirm the strong relationship Japan has with its neighboring Asian countries.

I know that the friendly and cooperative nature of our project and our hard work will pay off to make the PAL project an amazing and meaningful two weeks for the exchange students, and for us!