STEP1: Create your account on Readyfor 

Please visit the top page of the project and see the interface below. 

Click the red button to support this project.

Next, you will see the interface below and be asked to create your account.

You can either register with your Facebook account or with your e-mail address. 

If you decide to register with your e-mail address, you will see the interface below. 

Please enter your name, e-mail address, and password, and press the red button in the bottom to create your account.



Once you click the red button, you will receive an email from Readyfor  ( and you will be asked to verify your email address by clicking the first URL on the email. 

One you click the URL, you will jump to the interface below and now you can choose how much you will contribute. 


STEP 2: Choose how much to pledge/contribute to the project.

When you see the interface below, please choose how much to pledge. 

You can select from 6 different courses of 1,000 yen, 3,000yen, 5,000yen, 10,000yen, 50,000yen, or 100,000yen contribution.

STEP3: Enter your credit card information 

After you selected your amount of contribution, please scroll down the page and reach the interface below. 

Please select which credit card to use and click the red button on the bottom right to proceed. 

Next, you will see the interface below and please enter your credit card number and card expiration date. 

please click the red button in the bottom right to proceed.

STEP4: Write a message to the project

Once you confirm your contribution, your donation will be completed and you will see the interface below. 

Please write your message to the project (the message will be listed on the project page) and send the message by clicking the red button below the blank.