La Nature School International


International After School in Nature

Communicate in English Naturally through Healthy Activities

in Tokyo, Japan  


We want to create a healthy and fascinating environment for children and families to acquire English ability through fun activities focusing on mental and physical wellness. Incorporating meditation, breathing, yoga, and other forms of exercise, La Nature School International can build concentration to enhance deeper learning.


Our target students are elementary school students (ages 6 - 12) in Tokyo, native and non-English speakers, and returnees from overseas. Classes are in English with additional language support offered for beginners.


In the future, our afterschool programs will be online for kids all over Japan.


We will have weekend school and long vacation camp programs, and they will be open to children and their families from other schools as well.


Launching this afterschool program will cost about US $ 30640 (3.4 million yen). Your support will cover initial monthly salaries, school materials, and other necessities. 


Money will be collected from contributors ONLY when we reach the target amount.


With time, experience, and the needed funding, we will find suitable natural locations for our permanent homes, one in the Kanto area and the other in Kyoto, with programs and a dormitory for students from elementary through high school.


Our school building will be designed by Tezuka Architects. They designed 'Fuji Kindergarten' in Tokyo and it was selected as the best school in the world by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.


Fuji Kindergarten

In the future, we hope to invite children from orphanages.

We also plan to develop an organic garden to help kids learn experientially by raising vegetables.



Background and Mission

Mina Suzuki has been teaching Yoga and English to children and adults for almost a decade in Japan. Her classes focus on learning through natural and interactive practices rather than rote textbook memorization. The mission of La Nature School International is to use and spread this mindful learning methodology in an established institution. 


Program Outline

At our school, we will 

  • Incorporate yoga, dance, breathing exercise and other physical activities every day to optimize the functions of the body and mind,
  • Introduce Cognicise (special brain exercise),
  • Teach meditation, holistic therapies such as aromatherapy, as well as optimal diets for physical and mental development, 
  • Focus on STEM education (Math 101 via blocks), and
  • Use interpreters’ training method for language fluency.

We can also provide:

  • long nature excursions in Japan and overseas, 
  • middle school entrance exam preparation,
  • dinner, and
  • bilingual sitter pickup service.






Our team is:

Mina Suzuki - Chief Administrator, teaching yoga and English

Lydia Nakaune - Administrator, teaching English

Stephen Newitt - Curriculum Director

Oh Xuemin - Music Advisor



Cognicise is a special exercise to activate the brain and body. It was created by Education & Innovation Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology to delay the onset of dementia. 


KLASINA will deliver white-sugar-free healthy snacks and optional dinner boxes made from organic ingredients. 



We will also be organizing family weekend excursions to various beautiful natural settings in the Kanto area including:

  • With Diana K. Tsuruda, a dance and yoga teacher
  • With Jesse Lee Parker, a Tao Yoga teacher in Kamakura
  • To Dale R. J. Woodhams' organic aquaponics greenhouse in Isehara in Kanagawa Prefecture. 
  • To Duncan Wong’s yoga dojo in nature in Miyama, Kyoto. 




We will work with The Edible School Yard in California and Green School in Bali to organize trips to take kids and their parents from Japan to attend their special programs during long school vacations.


Thank-you Gift 


Thank you letter


50,000 yen: 1 Mommy/Daddy & Me Yoga Class with KLASINA lunch boxes

100,000 yen 2 Mommy/Daddy & Me Yoga Classes with KLASINA lunch boxes


We are adding more thank-you gifts.


5,000 yen: 1 Mommy/Daddy & Me Yoga Class

10,000 yen: 2 Mommy/Daddy & Me Yoga Classes



Yoga & English conversation instructor, interpreter

Mina developed a natural English ability by playing with her American friends as a child in Tokyo.


Thank you very much for reading this.




The Edible Schoolyard Project


Green Camp @ Green School Bali


Newitt Learning


Music Advisor

Minim - Music Sessions for Children


Yogic Arts with Duncan Wong


Diana K. Tsuruda


TaoYoga Arts™