Guest house and fermentation bar in yokote, Akita is coming!


Hi! I’m Madoka Abe, the owner of “Hostel & Bar CAMOSIBA”.

I was born and raised in Yokote City, Akita Prefecture, and then went a university in Tokyo. I’ve traveled around about 30 countries during a year of absence from school and experienced so many things which completely changed my value.


After the one year, I started to think about my future. What came to my mind then, was my hometown Akita and my family (running a miso factory).



I questioned what I should do to live on what I like, and came up with the idea of “Fermentation Bar & Guesthouse”. Here in Akita, where I’ve been grown up, I’m working toward creating a place to connect people.



Akita, especially the south area, is famous for producing good quality rice. Its location and weather have grown a rich “fermentation culture”


However, I couldn’t find out that the “ordinary life”, which I was raised in, is actually really valuable and something I need to follow and inherit until recently.



Akita has one of the largest aging population in the world, and suffers a number of problems which are typical in countryside. I am the one who once left Akita because of the “hopeless situation”.


In fact, I did not merely realize attractive points which laid in our daily lives. 

At the same time, I feel that there’re still few chances to find those valuable things. As the one who has a view as an outsider, my mission is to create a place to trigger off a change in this situation.



Of course we still need diverse viewpoints. As a guesthouse, where there is full of people coming and going, I want make CAMOSIBA a place where people would interact and harmonize with each other. That is why I have decided to renovate an old abandoned house in DIY style and tried to include many people in this project.


I wanna make the new culture let people ferment inside the community. I hope it will be fun even if the population will decrease.



As soon as I started to work on the project, I was surprised to find how easy it was to get to know whoever I wanted. The small yet strong network has encouraged me all the time.


I then worked at several hostels to train myself and I came to be convinced that I really wanted to create such place on my own. After I found this building last spring, the project was finally kicked off.


Difficulties have come up one after another, we’ve worked them out one by one. I couldn’t have come this far alone. It’s only a few steps to achieve our dream. Now that I am not the only one longing for the success, I must complete this project, no matter what.




At the bar, I will offer you food and sake produced in Akita, as well as what I have found on the way of travelling. However, do not forget there are lots of fabulous restaurants around the area. Try those restaurants out first and then have a great night at CAMOSIBA.


The 1st floor will have a dorm-type room and common space. The 2nd floor will have 2 private rooms. We hope to contribute to the inbound tourism in Akita by welcoming guests from outside Japan.




One of the distinctive features of this building is the massive door leading to the bar space, which symbolizes the history of this building and the whole Yokote-area. You can see it from private rooms or a patio.



We kindly ask for you’re a little more cooperation.


On this project, I’d like to raise 3,000,000 yen out of the total of 12,900,000 yen.


The details of use are as below


Construction / Facility            11,000,000 yen

Equipment                                 600,000 yen

PR                                           100,000 yen

Operating funds                      1,200,000 yen

Total                                        12,900,000 yen


10,000,000 yen out of the total has already been raised, but now it faces lack of funds for further construction.


I’d really appreciate your help. I’m working hard to complete this project and looking forward to your visiting CAMOSIBA!



Return for 5,000 yen

Thank-you letter

Free ticket for 1 drink & food (at the bar)

Free lodging ticket (for 1 night)



Return for 10,000 yen

Thank-you letter

Ticket for food and drink for 3,000

Invitation to the opening party (can be changed with a free lodging ticket)

Your name will be carved in CAMOSIBA as an owner


Return for 10,000 yen

Thank-you letter

Special gift from Abe miso factory

Your name will be carved in CAMOSIBA as an owner


Return for 30,000 yen

Thank-you letter

Free lodging ticket for 6 nights (can be used either by 1 person or shared)

Free food ticket for 5,000 yen

Special ferment souvenir

Your name will be carved in CAMOSIBA as an owner


Return for 50,000 yen

Thank-you letter

Annual passport (for dorm)

Free food ticket for 10,000 yen

Ferment souvenir assortment


Return for 100,000 yen

Thank-you letter

Free food ticket for 10,000 yen

Annual passport (for private room)

Ferment souvenir assortment (delivered twice)

A day tour of lively Akita (with me as a tour guide)


Return for 300,000 yen (for companies and organization)

Reservation of the whole buildings for a whole day (up to 15 persons)

Free pickup is available

Party at CAMOSIBA (chartered)

Your company/organization name will be on our web site

I’ll try my best for your any other requests.



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