Wishing for more happy life for helpless animals in Osaka Japan.
To establish “Animal Clinic for volunteers” makes more   animals happy!


Thanks for watching this website!My name is Kyoko Iioka.
I’m veterinarian in Japan, and I have 12 rescued cats and 2 rescued dogs.
I have been working for rescued animals for 20years.

And I aware so many volunteers are suffering for money to be treated rescued animals in veterinary clinics.


“What should I do for them?” 
Every day and everywhere, many volunteers are need “Low-priced veterinary treatment.”
Most veterinary clinics in Japan are too high-priced for volunteers.


Now I make my mind for all of them!





Distress of volunteers for rescued animals. They love animals, but to keep them costs very high.


Volunteer are not only to take care of rescued animals, but  take rescued animals to veterinary clinic.In veterinary clinic, we need money for several blood tests and treatment.


The price is too high, so every volunteers suffer from it.


In Japan, there are so many animals waiting for help by volunteers.
But high medical costs avoid them.


For help more animals in Japan, we need low-price veterinary treatment.

HAB (that means Human-Animal-Bond)Animal Clinic is in Osaka Japan.


This veterinary clinic is for rescued animals and volunteer’s activity.

Now we are short for money to start “Doctor’s visit” for rescued animals.

Because Spring has come, many kitties and puppies are born and many dogs needs vaccine shot to prevent Ravies and other diseases.


Please donate for HAB Animal Clinic, to start doctor’s visit around Osaka.

Your donation makes more rescued animals happy and healty.
And it makes volunteer work for rescued animals more very fine.




To make low-price veterinary clinic for rescued animals.


Now HAB Animal Clinic do consultation for volunteers about veterinary treatment by phone call in Japanese.
For starting “Doctor’s visit for rescued animals”, we need something below.

*Cabinets for Medicine
*Instruments for “Doctor’s visit for rescued animals”
*Medicine and supplies for treatment


Your donations are used to buy them, and make “Doctor’s visit for rescued animals” to start on April.




To stop euthanize


Many people are blame for euthanizing rescued animals in Japan.
So there are few people to assist volunteers for rescued animals.

In Japan, government decided to decrease numbers of animals to euthanize.


But government don’t assist volunteers for rescued animals.

That makes volunteers annoyed, and feel disappointed so much.


We need more volunteers to help animals, and should to make volunteer’s work more and more active in Japan.


Your donation helps animals in Japan!
Please donate us for rescued animals.





What we submit for your donations?Rescued animals’ welfare, that we could submit for you.
If this crowdfunding is approved, we send you an Email from us with thanks.


Volunteers find animals happy home.

New family of rescued animals and volunteers thank you for your donations and admire your actions.


Your donation makes animal welfare more and more excellent!
Please donate us for rescued animals.




※ What your donation will use for.※


*Cabinets for Medicine
*Instruments for “Doctor’s visit for rescued animals”
*Medicine and supplies for treatment  etc...