For Japanese aspiring students in Pune, India,
willing to start a Japanese class taught by Japanese natives.


Hello, I am Yuki Shigeta, representative of HOTARU ACADEMY PLOJECT. I am residing in Pune, India from January 2017 and presently looking after the management of Japanese food delivery service and creating opportunities and for Japanese bilinguals.

Pune is known as the sister city of Okayama, Japan and there are many people who are interested in Japanese culture but this thing is not muck known in Japan. Also in the commercial market Doraemon and Crayon Shin Chan are trending and it is very popular amongst Indians.  

While my stay in India, I met a lot of Japanese learners, including students who are learning in university and some working professionals who are studying language by themselves.

In Pune, Japanese language education started about 50 years ago and many people are studying Japanese eagerly who want to work for a Japanese company in future. Unfortunately, the opportunity to take lessons from native speakers are very less.

So, I would like to introduce a project to create Japanese language school where Japanese native instructors will teach Japanese language, social and business culture, etc. So this idea of starting a language class conducted by natives came up and we welcome a wide range of people, not only students but children to elderly people.

In order to create better learning opportunities and environments for Indian Japanese learners who have a passion in learning Japanese culture and willing speak Japanese fluently and want to work in Japan, Could you lend me your strength?

​Please gear up and cheer with us!


For students who want to learn Japanese, want to work in Japan, overwhelming Japanese native teachers are very few.


Pune is known as an Oxford of the East and is also the educational capital of India. Even colleges in Pune have very few Japanese teachers while the number of Japanese learning students is quite good. I am aware that Japanese and international students working in India like me are trying to make an opportunity for you to learn from and actually speak with Japanese nationals.

There are many students who actually think that they want to talk with Japanese people and want to try the Japanese language skills they have, but at present it is difficult and even if they learn Japanese for 4 years at university, there are only a few people who can manage to speak enough to crack the interviews to work in Japanese companies.

Language is the best way to contact people who speak the language as their mother tongue and listening to live words directly but there are some economic problems and differences like food culture and so on, because of which going to Japan is a challenge.

Amongst that, I wish to become their facilitator. So, started the activities for Japanese learners who live in Pune like cultural exchange event with Japanese natives "Nihongonopune" and "Work in Japan" is an activity through which opportunities in Japanese companies for excellent Japanese language speakers would be created.


“Nihongonopune” is an event started by a Japanese language teacher who came to Pune, I inherited the sponsorship and the event has been held six times so far. Together with Indians and Japanese people, about 300 people participated.

"Work in Japan" is a project launched this year. With the cooperation of teachers of Japanese department of SPPU I conducted a lecture at the university. Those who are interested and learning Japanese, and wish to work with a Japanese company, I believe we can connect you with Japanese companies so please send your resumes.


As you can see, we are creating opportunities for people who are learning Japanese where they can interact with natives. But those who say that they want to participate but because of lack of place and time, we need to restrict to a limited number of participants.

Therefore, in order to secure a place and time which can be freely used, I decided to open a Japanese language school. As classes will be held in fixed places every day, all Japanese learners will have opportunities to talk with Japanese people and improve their Japanese language skills. Also, by teaching Japanese, you will be able to not only teach the language but also to tell about Japanese charm and Japanese culture.


Not only improving Japanese proficiency but also deepening your understanding of Japanese manners and culture is a big step for working in Japan.


In this project, I expect contribution of 600,000 yen for necessary expenses like establishment and operation of a Japanese language school, such as classroom expenses and teaching material cost.

(Outline of Japanese class)

Starting date:End of December 2017

Venue:Pune, India (170km south of Mumbai on Deccan Plateau)

Faculty:4members(All Japanese)

Expected number of students: 20~25participants per level

Session time: 1 course 1 hour (6 hours per week)

Fees: 6000INR for 3months

We welcome people of all ages to participate in this class.


Supporting the feeling of "I want to work in Japan!" Will lead to contributing to the future of Japan.


I think it is good for Japan as it is suffering from labor shortage due to the declining birthrate, the declining population, and the fact that Indian people strongly wish to work in Japan.

This project will also play a major role not only in improving the Japanese language skills of language learners in Pune, India but will also be able to deepen understanding of Japanese culture and manner through knowledge exchange with Japanese people.

It will be a great pleasure if you can cooperate with us in a place far away from Japan, in order to respond to the expectations of people who love Japanese and love Japan.

Thank you for your continuous support.