【Give an unforgettable rafting adventure to the children
joining the 2015 Summer Camp!】





Hello! This is the Mirai no Mori project team.
 Now we only have 3 weeks to go. Time flies! Currently we have
the support of 35 people and 386,000 yen!

 A HUGE thank you to everyone who has kindly given their support!Thank you so much to all of you for your kindness.
 However, we now only have a month to go and the pace is getting pretty slow compared to the start.

We NEED your help right now to reach the goal
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Today, let me introduce some feedback from campers and care workers at Mirai no Mori camp in 2014.









Camper Feedback




"I tried to talk to Mirai no Mori staff in English, and was pleasantly surprised as they seemed to understand what I was saying despite my English, and I could understand what they were saying.

I was able to gain confidence in myself as I had been very worried about what to do if they didn't understand what I wanted to say."

(3rd grade middle school, female)



"For me, the time spent by the campfire was the most thrilling.

Words cannot describe how happy this time was.

It was also really great that I could make friends from other care institutions around Japan by attending this camp.

I was really touched that there are so many people with whom I could become so relaxed and bonded with in such a short period of time."

(2nd grade of high school, male)







Care Worker Feedback



"Both care workers and children alike are able to share and create happy memories through camp experiences.

These experiences also allow us (care workers) to see children in a new light.

Having the opportunity to work together in teams, challenge themselves even when they were afraid, will certainly become precious memories for them in the future.

I would love to see children discover and experience more of what Mirai no Mori camp offers."

(Fukushima Prefecture participating care institution)





"I myself was able to attend this year's camp, and on seeing the warmth from the staff towards the children, it reminded me of how I should be working with the children, something that can be forgotten in our busy daily working lives."

(Ibaraki Prefecture participating care institution)








We can see Mirai no Mori camp makes such a great effect on not only campers but also care workers by new experiences and discoveries.


We Mirai no Mori sincerely hope that we can keep up creating this life-changing outdoor programs for abused, neglected, and orphaned children in Japan.







Only thanks to everyone's support, will this children's rafting project

be possible.



All money will be refunded and back to ¥0 if the fundraising goal is not met.


We NEED your help to give new experiences to the children

who will try this new challenge!






※If you have any questions about this project, please send us messeges through the website. Please ask if there're any problems since we don't have English website here.
Thank you!!!