Happy Valentine's Day♡


We are doing a project as SC Melbourne!


A project is called 'COFFEE TOUR PROJECT IN JAPAN'.
We would love to share and spread delicious Melbourne's specialty coffee.



We also want to tell you all Japanese people a culture and lifestyle of overseas, through Japanese barista who work in Melbourne.
This project will be able to change Japanese coffee cultural.

And then we are doing fund-raising at Japanese crowd-funding service.
I would like you to support our project honestly if you are possible.

However, it is mainly Japanese only. I know it is hard to understand about our project.

But, don't worry! I added English page how to support us from overseas.


Link URL is:


We describe about our project as well.

If you are curious about our project, just let us know!
I will explain about this project and how to support us at this crowd-funding service.

Thank you!!!