Hi all, here’s a link to a cloud funding site I have started to help construct classrooms at an elementary school in a small village in Sub-Saharan desert of Northern Senegal. I worked as a volunteer in the area for two years, and after coming back to Japan, my friends and I funded a non-profit organization in order to continue helping Senegalese people and to carry on the special bonds I made with them.
In Senegal, the government funding is scarce and rarely reaches small schools like this one, and the director of the school and the villagers save a small amount of money each month to operate the school themselves. Due to lack of classrooms, students from two different grades study in one classroom. It is hard enough for them to start learning everything in French, which is not their native language, and to have only half the time to study the materials contribute to the fact that many students cannot continue their study at junior high schools.
Unfortunately, the site is only in Japanese, but I would really appreciate it if you could share this link and spread the word around in order to help me support these children in needs!
Thank you so much :)