In Pursuit of Beauty 実行委員から、 アーティストよりメッセージをお届けします。


To be in the Art World


I have been fortunate to have gained experience with so many artists and artistic styles.  Fashion comes and goes quickly, but style stays within us.


A gallery exhibition with an Italian architect gathered many new friends and artists from around the world.


Through Asian exhibitions I have gone deep inside the sophistication of Asian art and the insight of local artists.


A new door was opened in Los Angeles with contemporary artists and their art, and their heartwarming welcome of us.


The artists from Costa Rica displayed their pure soul of water colours.


With the Kyoto and Paris art relationship we are always moved, and we are connected with the artistic city of Melbourne.



This is how the world is connected.  Through creation whether it is visible or invisible, seeing the “Beauty” of things through exhibitions, enriches our soul and life.



Wishing you all, artist and visitors, a highlighted scene of “Beauty”.




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