We are here to raise money to be able to re-build local businesses in Nakanoshima
Nakanoshima was hit badly by typhoon Aug 2015, one of the worst typhoon they ever had. There is a lot of damage to local businesses, such as two Minshukus (family-operated Japanese style b&b), which is one of the significant incomes of the island, and the only one grocery store. Their business cars and freezers, and lots of other important items were taken by the waves, and one of the minshukus` roof was taken by the strong wind. Now, people of the island got together to support our community.
Nakanoshima is an little island located in Kagoshima prefecture. It takes 7 hours by two-times a week ferry from the city of Kagoshima. The island`s population is about 160 people. There is no hospitals, restaurants nor stores. As you can imagine, to repair something in this little island in the middle of nowhere is not easy. It costs more time and money.
We are trying to raise money for those local businesses to be able to operate their business as soon as possible. And, we wish our community to get back their life just like before, and your support is very significant to make this happen.