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Project Details




Learn with five senses!

We want to create a place where we can breathe from their heart ...


Hello there! We are a married couple Yann and Satomi, living on a beautiful French Pacific island called New Caledonia surrounded by world natural heritage lagoon. We are living in a small village called Boulouparis, 80km from the capital Noumea.


Yann is a figurative artist. He founded a vocational art school in Kone for Indigenous people of Kanak 9 years ago and has been the school director since then. Satomi is an instructor of the Japan Origami Association, introduces the fun of origami, a traditional Japanese culture. And we together teach Japanese martial arts called Aikido.


The Terre Des Sens project is born from our life, living with nature. By experiencing nature, art, sports (martial arts), We want to create a place where our mind and body can to be healthy. What is necessary for this busy period is the clearance of mind. For example, you can feel the wind, listen to the songs of the birds and watch the sunset ...Create a place where everyone can breathe from the heart, a place where you can rediscover yourself. That is the Terre Des Sens project.


In nature, through aikido, origami, art, etc.

We would like to create a place for learning where all generations can expand their possibilities!





Maximizing possibilities of everyone, we wish to raise the young generation that has a rich sensitivity and live in harmony with nature and people.


New Caledonia society has rapidly changed in the last 50 years. In exchange for modernization, its original culture of living calmly with nature is being lost.


In New Caledonia, schools close for two weeks once every two months for seasonal vacations. Parents who can not take off from their works are bothered in finding facilities or programs to put their children during these vacations. There are only few such facilities in the areas away from the capital city of Noumea. Not even one facility in the village where we live exists. There are almost no parks where children can safely play by themselves without adults presence. Many children end up spending all day on computers at home and play games, despite the rich natural playground.


Taking advantage of the rich natural resources that this land offers us, our desire is to help the young generations to live in harmony with nature and people by having them touch the earth, communicate with others, experience arts, practice martial arts and sports. We would help them maximize their possibilities. This is the reason for creating a space of learning 'Terre des Sens'



Terre Des Sensfor all generations!

AtTerre Des Sens, each participant will be able to chose an activity which is most enjoyable and suitable to them and will discover true sense of selves through the practice.


Our final goal is to make a learning space [Terre Des Sens] where all kind of participants can re-discover themselves by contacting rich natural resources in New Caledonia, respecting its unique culture and pursuing something truly important for human beings.


Things we do at Terre Des Sens

1. Sports (martial arts)

We teach Aikido. Especially, children have witnessed the positive effects of lessons regularly held: the more they practice Aikido, the more confidence they have in themselves. Through practicing Aikido they learn not only skills and techniques of it but also learn how to respect others to grow together, materials and spaces (Dojo, a space to practice Aikido) and politeness. In the end they become more aware of their mental and emotional states so that they learn how to control themselves with ease.




2. Artistic activities
We Introduce traditional arts, creative activities using natural materials as well as Origami, Calligraphy(Shodo), flower arrangements and so on.

By being engaged in creative activities, one can enjoy expressing himself freely, and discover himself in a deeper level.

Having time to devote to one thing with fun increases their concentration. Also, we help them learn the wonderfulness of team work by making one piece of work all together.

 We also want to use the space to hold a gallery of traditional arts by local artists.



3. Nature

We introduce the ecological lifestyle based on New Caledonian natural environment surrounded by the sun, the sea and the greenery. People can experience agriculture, poultry raising, and beekeeping etc. In addition, we have them experience 'eco lifestyle ' using the circulating system such as living utilizing the solar energy, recycled water and BIO (organic compost) toilet, etc.

*   At the atelier we also plan to hold lectures and seminars by the experts.


While realizing those three themes, we offer various activities in harmonious and peaceful environment. Through nature, art, sports, we aim to create a place where your heart and body become aligned and balanced. We will create such a place to learn to open up our own possibilities, respect mutual friends and associates, and learn to live in harmony with nature.



“Terre Des Sens", this is the project that we have been preparing over 2 years. 

Would you please give us a small donation to make our dream true !?


Currently we are building the dojo and the atelier as the base. The tatamis of the dojo have already been arranged from Japan and 32 tatamis mats are scheduled to be completed.


Based on the funds at Crowdfunding, we will install an external compost toilet, a system to circulate rainwater etc. We plan to DIY all the interior works and paint exterior.



We are now tryng our best to make this project happen here in New Caledonia, however we believe the concept of Terre des Sens would be also appreciated by any local communities in any other countries.


First, our devotion is all for the local children and the people, and in the future we hope to develop the facility to welcome other participants such as visitors from all over the world.

Experiencing the essence of living in this beautiful island, they will rediscover new self and learn the new way of living in harmony with environment.


We sincerely hope that the children learned at Terre Des Sens will change the society of the future, the world and the earth for better. We are aware that it takes time to change people and the world but the things that changed over time are real. To plant a small tiny seed in a child to have him grow bigger. That's our dream !


Everyone who has read this project, will you support us? Will you give us a hand to pile up a piece of brick to build a strong wall of our dream Dojo/atelier "Terre des Sens"?

Thank you for reading through and your kind warm support !!!!



How to support

If you really want to support this project, please email me.
Please write your name, address (Destination of product), desired product number

I will send you bank account.
Also, I will send you the PDF payment method by credit card.