Chikura Global Children Welcome United 2017


Creating unforgettable "FUN" summer

Chikura Global Children Welcome United 2017 will provide Refugee/Foreign children living in Japan and Local children with unforgettable summer experience which will nurture inclusive, global and peaceful mind for them to create the future of love, hope, dream and fun through beach soccer game, home stay and camping.

Our Vision:

Creating “the FUN place” where children regardless the backgrounds and origin get together surrounded by beautiful nature.

Our Mission: 

Providing opportunities and experience where children can feel truly people’s heart and kindness and be fulfilled with love. 


Project purpose

•International exchange program between Children in Chikura and Foreign children living in Japan
•Beyond visible differences, language and nationality, Children to experience with new friends and gain mindset which is necessary to build a future, full of dreams, love and hope in intact nature (ocean, mountain, field) by leading the project by themselves
•Have “Fun” and unforgettable summer with the warmth and cooperation of local people of many generations

Date:  Friday 28th July,

Saturday 29 July and Sunday 30 July 2017 


Participants:  30 foreign children (Syria, Myanmar, Brazil...) living in Japan and 70 children living in Chikura



Home Stay, Beach soccer, Orienteering in the mountain and beach, Camping, Cooking, Singing, Dancing.  

With the cooperation of local people and fire department ensuring the safety, 70 children of Chikura Elementary School and 30 foreign children who live in Japan will stay 1st night at Chikura Children’s house (group of 3 people) and spend the 2nd night camping at Chikura Elementary School.



Chikura Elementary School in Chiba Prefecture

Access:2 hours by highway bus from Tokyo Station



Chikura Global Children Welcome United Committee
  Chairman: Tsutomu Suzuki
  Executive Director:  Aya Usui
  Director: Natsue Homsi

  Minamiboso city board of education
  NPO Sfire football club (Chikura) 
  NPO Japan Arab Intercultural Center (Miki)
  NPO Kamakura Kosodate Guide (Kamakura)



Crowd funding (expected 1.25 Million JPY)