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Mongolia is known for vast, rugged expanses and nomadic culture. However, poverty levels remain stubbornly high.


In general, children of single parents with low income and mothers who took care of children with disabilities are more prone to poverty.


When graduating from the school in Japan and returning home, I noticed that issue and launched NGO that supports mothers who could not get the full-time job. We  launched Husug brand which offers traditional, natural, eco-friendly product using Mongolian premium and highly resourceful materials: wool and felt.


For HUSUG, we haven’t launch official sales channels in Japan yet, but based on “cloud funding”, we hope we could sell our products in Japan (which is one of our main goals) and that will enable us to support more and more Mongolian women. Therefore, we would like to kindly ask you to support our project.






 I want to make a contribution to the worthy effort to our society especially single mothers who couldn’t get a full-time job...


Hi, Nice to meet you! My name is Bilguun, representative of Husug project.


I have studied in Japan for 5 years. However that time I had a difficult time as balance my work and my studies, now I feel that I had learned many things at that time.  When I graduated from the school and returned home to Mongolia, I noticed the gap between rich and poor in Mongolia was getting worse. Due to the economic difficulties, and the level of the divorce being increased in society, and the poverty of single mother became a social problem.



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Since I’ve noticed  this social inequality, I asked myself “ What can I do to improve the situation even a little”


First, I noticed that Mongolian wool is very abundant and can be used to make different items.


However, finding products of cashmere with the acceptable design for the international market is easy, there is a critical and urgent need for design and development for yak, camel, wool, leather and felt products. While general quality is good, a variety of garments and yarn, product development, and marketing is desperately needed. For example, felt productions are just limited with few kind of products yak and sheep wool bag, hat, socks, waistcoats and cushion which are mostly bought by few tourists and local people who are going to travel to abroad to buy those as a gift and there is still needs some modern useful products for everyday activity and it is vital to seek a way of producing a large number of products to world market.   



Using Mongolian wool make felt shoes.


For two years research and development, we launched our new felt collection “Hunnu”, “Lotus” and “Ying and Yang”.  And once we started our marketing campaign and posted our products photo on the Facebook page, we got received surprisingly good feedback from Mongolian customers.


The Husug project is organized by consultants, art crafters, and designers from our organization's members. We already have developed twenty new collection products of “felt office set”, “Eco-friendly hotel decoration”, babies and women’s items which made consistent with natural pure organic felt. And we have hired 10 part-time craftswoman; five woman who are head of household, one woman who is taking care of her hard diseased mother at home, one sewing master woman who is taking care of her 5 month-old daughter and 2 woman who are deaf for making details of handmade part and sewing first sample of product. All piece of handmade details and sewing process are made by the project direct beneficiaries




The number of employees increased to 10 people



95% of the project’s employee is female:  half of them are single mothers and living in the countryside, some mothers whose families have a disabled person. 


95% of the project’s employee is female:  half of them are single mothers and living in the countryside, some mothers whose families have a disabled person.  Therefore, if we could sell more products, there are many more mothers and people in economic difficulties who will be able to access our project directly.

I want to give them a chance to improve their living condition even little, I want to use my experience and what I have learned in Japan and change the society of Mongolia. For this goal, we need to increase our network and cooperate with more people. Through this fundraising platform, not only, expressing my interest, but also trying to sell even one product that is carefully crafted with the hearts of Mongolian women. Thank you.



Mongolian women are heartfelt to create.



Return A: Felt Moccasin Light


Product Description: Natural, warm and comfortable, as the Mongolian women are carefully finished by hand with high-quality wool using only water and soap one by one.


Size: 21, 22, 23, 24, 25

Color: gray, light warm gray, dark brown

Price: 10,000 yen (first-come-first-served basis: 8,500 yen)


◆ Gray


◆ Light Warm Gray



◆ Dark brown




Return B: Pencil Case


Product Description: easy to use as little cosmetics pouch or pencil case. Lightweight, soft and comfortable felt made of 100 % natural wool. Can be used regardless of gender and age.

Size: Dimensions 21 x 6 cm

Color: gray, brown

Price: 7,500 yen

 ◆ Gray



◆ Brown




Return C: Passport card holder


Product explanation: Holding coins, passport or card, how to use this passport holder is up to you. It made of 100% natural wool.


Size: Dimensions 15.5 x 9.5 cm

Color: gray

Price: 7,500 yen


◆ Gray




Return C: Passport card holder

 Product Description: We use felt which is moderately thick, durable high quality 100% natural wool, so we could protect items such as valuables and accessories from scratches while using this poach. It can also be used as multifunctional: traveling bag, cosmetic bag, clutch bag, coins purse, wallet etc.



Size: Dimensions 18 x 12 cm

Color: gray, brown

Price: 8,000 yen


◆ Gray



◆ Brown



Return E: A5 size book, note cover (with note)


Product Description: Easy to use notebook and book cover with a simple design. We used a felt with moderately thick durable and with high quality and made of 100% natural wool. There is thickness, soft touch feels suit with the book. Can be use it regardless of gender and age.