【Give an unforgettable rafting adventure to the children joining the 2015 Summer Camp!】

 Hello! This is the Mirai no Mori project team.
 More than 2 weeks already passed since our project has started. Currently we have the support of 28 people and 334,000 yen!

 A HUGE thank you to everyone who has kindly given their support!Thank you so much to all of you for your kindness.


 We would like to introduce a special gift offered by LUSH who is supporting Mirai no Mori this year.







 While many women may already know the brand,「LUSH」is a popular British cosmetics shop specializing in natural skin care, soaps and bath powders made from organic fruits and vegetables and essential oils, perhaps not many people know that LUSH supports various charities and NPOs.


 Regarding Mirai no Mori, they have supported us continuously in 2013 and 2014. 






 LUSH will give to all those who support us a cute bath bomb bound to give children an enjoyable bath time. Refresh yourself with a fragrant fizzy bath bomb over the hot summer!







 With your donations of ¥10,000・¥50,000・¥100,000 you will be presented with a gift of a LUSH bath bomb - ickle baby bot  or a LUSH bath bomb –space girl.






 This is a Rafting experience project focused on these children, which is only possible thanks to your kind support! For those of you who can help us at Mirai no Mori, we thank you for your kind support.





Only thanks to everyone's support, will this children's rafting project be possible.

All money will be refunded and back to ¥0 if the fundraising goal is not met.

We NEED your help to give new experiences to the children who will try this new challenge!



※If you have any questions about this project, please send us messeges through the website. Please ask if there're any problems since we don't have English website here.

Thank you!!!