Payment – Instruction – English (Phone Version)


When you are on our crowdfunding page



Step 1: Please scroll down to the end, then click on the button as below to start the payment


Step 2: Next, you will see this interface.  Here, you can choose to sign in by your facebook account or sign up an account on this website. To sign up an account, please click on the button as the photo below

For facebook users, please go to Step 7



Step 3: Here, please fill in all needed information to register a new account



Step 4: After this step, a link will be sent to your email, please click on the link to active your account.


Step 5: To start visiting our crowd funding page, please access to the website, sign in as the photo below



Step 6: Then you will be on our main page, scroll down to the bottom to start supporting us





Step 7: After clicking on the button as above, you can see the main page where you can find several products with the price to select.





Step 8: Then, please choose the type of the credit card you prefer to use




Step 9: Please put the card number and its expiration date




Step 10: Now please fill in your information so we can contact you




After that, you can see the total amount you are about to pay



Step 11: Please feel free to share us your feedback/comments and click on the red button to finish.


Thank you so much for your generous support!