I will mention how to support this project with credit card here.


1. Click the red button for the donation.


2. Registration


3. Input your name, e-mail address and password for sign-up


4. A message is sent to you e-mail address after you input your information and click the sign-up button (red button)


5. Check your e-mail box to see the above-mentioned message and click URL in the message.


6. Select the amont of donation.


7. Scroll down and check the amount of your donation.


8. Scroll down more. Select the payment method and click the red button to go to the next page like as shown like the following.


9-1. <the version of VISA or MASTER CARD>Input your credit card number and the expiration date.


9-2. <the version of JCB or AMERICAN EXPRESS or Dinners Club>

Input the following information.


10. Input your address like the following.

11. Confirm your donation.


Thank you so much for completing every step!!


If you have any questions, please send me a message to my e-mail address:salute-8@excite.co.jp