“Renovate the pilgrimage way of a thousand year old temple!”




Hello! My name is Shiyuki Hirobe. I am a designer who recreates and presents based on local aspects. I am supporting “the renovation project for the 88 pilgrimage of Kurotani Kannon” and now working with Kosen Sasagawa Roshi, who is the head priest of BUSSHOJI in Oono City, Fukui Prefecture. 


“BUSSHOJI” is also known as “Kurotani kannon”. Busshoji has a history of over 1200 years as a dictatorial place of the Emperoris.


(Mountain Gate photo)


The purpose of this project is to renovate the path of the 88 pilgrimage of Kurotani Kannon, including Busshoji and “11 faced Kannon Bodhisattva”. The “11 faced Kannnon Bodhisattva” is an invaluable historical statue, it is withheld from public view and only displayed once every 33 years.


>About Busshoji


Busshoji is located at the base of Kurotani mountain area in Fukui prefecture. It is one of the oldest historical temple in Fukui. In 807 the temple was moved from Kyoto to this area.


(Kannnondo picture)


From the ancient times, Busshoji has many devouted worshippers. When the Big Bell Tower was dedicated to the temple, there was a long bustling parade through the town. It is well-known as Kurotani Kannon, becoming the focus of people's worship, not only from the lords of the Ono clan but also people from outside the city.


However, as the form of faith has changed due to industrial/cultural transformation, the main hall of the Buddhist temple was lost, and now only remains the Kanno-Do(Hall) from the original buildings.


(Kannon-Do exterior view)


Nonetheless, there are continuous worshippers visiting the pilgrimage, and we have made consistent effort to keep its original form. Today, You can feel and hear the sound of life through beautiful wild animals and plants covering this magnificent old forest. :)


>About the renovation of 88 pilgrimage 


Busshoji received faith from the lords as a temple ordered to build by the Emperor. 


Busshoji let people go on the original 88 pilgrimage opened by KUKAI(Kobo-daishi) in Shikoku, and receive back the sand from each temple for those who could not do the original pilgrimage.

Before each Buddha statue you encounter along the path, you can stand upon the sand brought from the the original temples.

The re-created pilgrimage was officially opened in 1865. It has been giving the same benefit of worship as “the original 88 pilgrimage” as the 1km version on Kurotani Kannon.


In 2010, We rebuilt the old stone statue which was weathered in the flow of time of 150 years. We also restored the pavement as much as possible and expanded the road width for the safety of the worshipers. 


However, it is still damaged significantly by influences of rain and snow, and there are many places where it is collapsing. In order for people to visit this pilgrimage safely (Especially for elderly people), we also want install handrails and restore the road again.


(A crushed approach way)


The edge of the pavement has already began to collapse. We have repaired it by filling the base soil by hand, but due to typhoons and heavy snow in the recent years, the restoration of intensively damaged areas has been more and more difficult.

Before it breaks down completely, it is necessary to make full-scale construction.



 (Broken Access Point 2)


We also have to restore the “11 face Kannon Bodhisatva” which will be shown to the public in 2021 after 33 years.

As we have been doing in the past, only relying on contributions from daily visitors would not make it possible to do the necessary restoration. However, I can’t let this heritage be abandoned, nor can I let the 88 pilgrimage weather away which was cherished by many prayers of many generations.


In order to pass it on to the future, We need your help through this project.


>How to use funds


The money provided from supporters will be used for the cost of restoring around the 88 pilgrim of Kurotani Kannon. In addition, It will be used widely for the maintenance of Kurotani Kannon.




Finally, I envision one day that everybody can visit this pilgrimage safely by taking collective action to restore it now.

It will be a great honor for me if more people get to know about “Kurotani Kannon” through this project. 

Protecting a valuable cultural asset, passing it down to next generation, I believe the heart of peace will be shared throughout the world.

I’d like to once again, ask for your warm support. Thank you.


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To everyone who supported us, we will send the following appreciation.


■ Kurotani Kannon commentary leaflet

This is a leaflet explaining the "Tour of the 88 pilgrimage” including historical backgrounds.


■ Busshoji Original Cookie


■ Busshoji Original Incense



■ Busshoji Original sutra paper (with guidance)



■ Busshoji Original guardian bill (luck commemoration / domestic safety / traffic safety)


■ Invitation to the 10th Bon Festival of Buddhist Temple Kurodani Kannon



■ Zen Retreat in Busshoji


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· Requirements for terminating the project

The project will be terminated by the end of August 31, 2019, after completing the restoration work of the Kuroya Kannon 88 pilgrimage and reopening its path to public. (Scheduled starting date: 2019/6/1)

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