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1. First intermediate Japanese textbook that comes with an app!


This app was developed by Hideki Hamada, Akemi Yasui, Yuriko Ide, Miyuki Doi, and Tadashi Sakamoto, to a accompany a textbook for intermediate learners of Japanese.  The app is for those learners to master the vocabulary and kanji (Chinese characters) as easy as possible anytime anywhere!


Two points that we would like to emphasize regarding our textbook and the app are 1) our textbook is the first intermediate Japanese textbook that comes with an useful app, and 2) the app is affordable and easily be purchased on a student budget.


1) Traditional intermediate Japanese textbooks don't come with an app.  Therefore, those learners have to create their own flash cards and quizzes to memorize/practice vocabulary.  They also have to have a pen and papers when practicing kanji.  In our case, they don’t have to do that!  With the app, they can focus on their studies anytime anywhere!


2) It costs a lot to develop an app.  Thus, in many cases, an app is expensive, so many students do not use it even if they know that the app is useful to study Japanese.  We hope that this doesn't happen in our case!  We believe that an educational app should be inexpensive so that many students can use it.


In order to make the app inexpensive, we need your help!


Student using the app



2. Seven great features of the app


There are seven great features that help students master Japanese vocabulary and kanji.  With those features, they can enjoy studying Japanese anytime anywhere.


1) Word Dictionary

You can find meanings of words in English and read example sentences.  By touching the example sentence, you can listen to its sound so that you can check the pronunciation and intonation.


2) Flash Card

No need to make your own paper flash cards! This function allows you to practice only words that you haven’t memorized and to randomly practice vocabulary.


3) Vocabulary Quiz

You can practice how words are used in sentences by putting an appropriate word into a sentence.


4) Kanji Dictionary

You can check the meaning of each kanji in English.  Animated kanji allows you to see the stroke orders.


5) Kanji Reading Quiz

Being able to read kanji is important! So, you can test your knowledge of kanji readings.


6) Kanji Writing Quiz

Use your finger to write kanji.  That is how you actually write kanji (typing kanji is not writing kanji).


7) Challenge

This is a mixture of the vocabulary quiz and kanji quiz.



The app is developed by us, professional Japanese teachers, who have been teaching Japanese in the U.S., Korea, and Japan over ten years.  We asked our students to find out what kind of features we should include in the app.  These seven features are the ones that students of Japanese really wanted.



Release date: End of October

OS: Android & iOS

Price: 1 US dollar


The app image

Left: Kanji dictionary

Right: Kanji writing quiz



3. Meaning of learning/teaching a foreign language


We believe communication is the key to peacefully solving many of the world's issues. Through language education, we can create a world, free of hate and violence. Let's create such a world together!



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