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REAL Japanese experiences provided by active elderly people


Hello there!!

I’m a representative of TRIPLUS, Tomohiro Akiyama.


TRIPLUS started “Crowdfunding” in the service of “READY FOR”, Japanese Crowdfunding Company. Crowdfunding is the use of small amounts of capital from a large number of individuals to finance a new business venture. 

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We, TRIPLUS, prepare a web service so that foreign tourists can get unique and original experiences provided by active elderly people face to face. Elderly people have the deepen knowledge and experience about the culture and lifestyle in their areas, so the know-how should become very attractive for foreign tourists. 




The background of this project is that I would like to solve the serious social problem in a lot of countries, “Aging society.” 

What image do you have about the word “elderly people”? I had an interview with more than 800 elderly people for this business. I noticed that the definition of “elderly people” changes very rapidly through those interviews. A lot of active and healthy elderly people would be around you these days. It means that there are much difference between elderly people now and elderly people 50 years ago.

Healthcare is really important in aging society, but I think that it is more important how to make the best use of the know-how of elderly people for our society. People lose the opportunities to join a society as we age. It has a harmful influence on the health of elderly people. It is meaningful that they can lead an active life for their health through this service. In addition, it is medically proved that it has more efective than medicine against dementia to communicate with foreign people. This service leads to their good health too.

The number of elderly people continues to increase a lot after now. It must be difficult to support our society by young people only. I will try to create a world active elderly people also supports a society with young people.


I came up with this service as an answer to make the best use of the know-how of elderly people through various researches and test marketing. Actually I have a lot of memories with active elderly people when I had been in foreign countries. Their kindness supported me a lot of times. I am sure that this business becomes meaningful for our society.



This business plan was selected as a finalist among 1000 applicants after some screenings in the business plan contest by Tokyo Government. We will start this service from next April with the support by Tokyo Government.



You can apply for various unique and original experiences for foreign tourists provided by active elderly people in each area of Japan through the website of TRIPLUS. In addition, you can request the contents of experiences in the website of TRIPLUS. We will prepare the multilingual pages, English, Spanish, Chinese and French on the website.


A lot of active elderly people are preparing to give you amazing experiences you have never seen. In the future, we have a plan to develop this service to other countries.




We will create a new service for foreign tourists. It leads to the society every people age with enjoyment!!


Would you support us if you are interested in this business and my passion?

We need your support to change the world with this project.


This Crowdfunding challenge finishes on August 23th. Our target goal of this Crowdfunding is JPY 3,600,000 (≒ USD 32,724). This is “All or nothing” system, so it is success if we can reach JPY 3,600,000 (≒ USD 32,724) by August 23th.


★Options of the amount of donation:

1. JPY 3,000 (≒ USD 27)

2. JPY 10,000 (≒ USD 90) 

3. JPY 30,000 (≒ USD 271)

4. JPY 50,000 (≒ USD 452)

5. JPY 100,000 (≒ USD 904)

6. JPY 300,000 (≒ USD 2,712)

7. JPY 500,000 (≒ USD 4,521)

8. JPY 1,000,000 (≒ USD 9,041)


I will send you a thank you message to everyone who donates this project.

In addition, it is possible to put your name on the completed web site as the list of “special thanks” if you donate more than “JPY 10,000 (≒ USD 90).”

I prepare the others as a return, but they are in Japan only.


Thank you so much for reading this message. Please ask me if you have any questions.

e-mail : salute-8@excite.co.jp


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We are looking forward to providing amazing value to you with TRIPLUS.