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We continue the amazing story of Barry and Samahria Kaufman.


When Jade, the daughter of Raun Kaufman’s older sister Bryn, turned two, she was also diagnosed with autism and Jade also recovered through the Son-Rise Program®. So the Kaufman’s have the experience of not only seeing the recovery of their son through the Son-Rise Program but also their granddaughter. 


At first glance, it may seem that autism is a kind of hereditary trait in the family. But in fact, Jade is the adopted daughter of Bryn—they are not related by blood. 


After Bryn participated in her younger brother Raun’s Son-Rise Program and saw the changes in him with her own eyes, she decided to work in the field of special needs education. She studied and then worked in different institutions, seeing different programs in operation. Ultimately she felt that there was nothing that rivaled the effectiveness and the loving care of the Son-Rise Program. In 1990 she returned to the Autism Treatment Center of America® her parents founded and she is now Executive Director at the Center, where she teaches the Son-Rise Program to families and children who go there. She has the incredible experience of participating in the Son-Rise programs of both her brother and her daughter. 


Bryn has said the following: 

"The Son-Rise Program® gave me back my brother. Now, The Son-Rise Program® has given me back my daughter."


She also said, “Mine is just one of the countless stories of families who have seen their children blossom using this program. I am just one of the many grateful mothers who have used this treatment to transform their child’s life. Now, as the Director of The Son-Rise Program® at the Autism Treatment Center of America®, I have had the privilege of working with thousands of parents as they support, help and heal their children.”


Don’t you agree that the entire Kaufman family have some incredible experiences? Amazing!


The last video of the three videos above show Jade’s Son-Rise Program graduation party in which the participants—Jade’s parents and volunteers—read letters they wrote for Jade.  


Here’s some of what Bryn wrote:

“You showed my something I have never in my life experienced—what it feels like to love a person and truly require nothing in return....


You’ve been so brave, my darling. You’ve stepped out of a pristine and precious world and you came to me. Thank you. I would have loved you anyway you were. And I did, and that’s the beauty of it.


I already thought you were the best thing that ever happened to me, and then you gave me more. You hug me, and you run to my arms, you stroke my face, and you dance with me.


Years from now someone will say to you, as they did to Uncle Raun, ‘aren’t you so grateful for what your parents did?’ And on that day, I remember what my parents said, and what I say to you today—"It was all for me. I'm the one who is grateful. I am the one who was given the gift.”