~Help us scale Bean Voyage in Japan~
The Japanese coffee community is well known to be one which consumes high-quality coffee from around the world. Nevertheless, similar to other consuming countries, there is a lack of awareness regarding the real situation on the ground. Coffee farmers make less than 10% of the total revenue generated from global coffee sales, forcing them to seek alternative income sources as coffee production is simply unsustainable. In addition, female producers face greater risks as they receive minimal support in the form of financing, training, or market accessibility despite making up to 70-80% of the workforce on the farms.
Bean Voyage is planning to launch its operations in Japan by participating in several alternative exhibitions in Japan (Tokyo, Kobe, Saitama, etc.) and directly engage with customers to raise awareness on these issues.
Bean Voyage would like to not only introduce specialty coffee produced by the female coffee producers in Costa Rica to Japanese consumers, but also speak to them about key issues which will allow them to be more conscious in their consumption. We will share our coffee and introduce them to the traditional Costa Rican methods of making coffee (with Chorreadors). We will also enroll interested customers into our subscription program so they can periodically receive their coffee directly from a specific producer.
In order to achieve this goal, we would like to collect around USD 4,000(JPY420,000) to conduct our project.
This money will go towards:
1) Shipping and Import tax for coffee from Costa Rica to Japan,
2) Transportation/Accomodation for the staff,
3) Participation fee at the exhibitions,
4) Cost of purchasing the coffee.
We hope you will consider joining our voyage by making a donation to our fundraising page.
If you are intrested in this project, please send an e-mail to the following e-mail address to get more information(how to donate?).
Please feel free to visit our web-site for more information!
*This project will end on Feb 18, 2018.*