【Give an unforgettable rafting adventure to the children
joining the 2015 Summer Camp!】

 Hello! This is the Mirai no Mori project team.
 Now we only have 2 weeks to go. Time flies! Currently we have
the support of 36 people and 392,000 yen!


 A HUGE thank you to everyone who has kindly given their support!

Thank you so much to all of you for your kindness.

 However, we now only have 2 weeks to go and the pace is really slow.


We NEED your help right now to reach the goal
and please continue to spread the word

 like sending E-mail to your famly and friends or sharing on your facebook!

...If you haven't done it yet, could you help us spreading the word?










 From the 10th to 12nd of July, we carried out staff training for the camps at the campsite at the Saitama Outdoor Activity Centre.We are preparing for a safe and fun camp through training for team building and for hiking routes.

 On completion of this training, the staff are all now more aware of safety measures, and this will help them to pay more attention to detail and to be on the ball at all times. The campsite in Kurihara in Miyagi Pref. with its abundance in greenery and water gives the opportunity to experience the extraordinary great outdoors.

 With the help of the power of nature, we will provide the children with experiences they otherwise cannot have in their institutional care homes.  At Okutama, the staff were also excited to see where we plan to raft.









 From here, with 6 per raft, they will travel 5 km downstream in a once in a lifetime adventure lasting 2hours. With the help of experienced instructors, the staff will support the children and thus further strengthen their ties.









Only thanks to everyone's support,

will this children's rafting project
be possible.

All money will be refunded and back to ¥0 if the fundraising goal is not met.



We NEED your help to give new experiences to the children
who will try this new challenge!



※If you have any questions about this project, please send us messeges through the website. Please ask if there're any problems since we don't have English website here.

Thank you!!!