Hello! This is the Mirai no Mori project team.
 Now we only have 10 days to go. Time flies! Currently we have

the support of 45 people and 544,000 yen!

Thank you so much!


Today, I would like to introduce you how to sign in READYFOR site

and support for this rafting project for English speakers.


Please follow the procedure below.





ーHow to support using your credit cardー


1) Go to READYFOR? website. https://readyfor.jp/




2) Click this  in the upper right corner to make your new account in READYFOR crowdfunding service.





3)Choose to register with either a Facebook account or an E-mail address and click the button.




4) Fill in the the fields.

E-mail address


Password *has to be 6-12 letters or numbers.


Password confirmation

Your name (Nick name)




5) After filling the form, agree to the user policy and click this button.




6) This will be shown on your screen.Go check your Email inbox for a confirmation E-mail.




7)  Click on the link that READYFOR sent you.





8) If your name is on the uppper right corner, you are logged in.




9) Please go to Mirai no Mori rafting project. Use the link written below 




You can learn more about this project and Mirai no Mori.




10) Click this button. 

It says 'Join to the supporters of this project'.





11) Choose how much you want to donate and click.






12) Choose how many donations you want to contribute.




13) You can write comment for this rafting project.

If not, it will just say "I'm supporting you!"




14) Fill in the form.

Post code

Prefecture name

CIty or village name

Apartmant or mansion name and number

Your name

Phone number



15) Click this button.(Confirmation)




15) When you have credit card ready, Click this button.




16) This page will be dislayed.



17) Fill in the form.


Phone number



Credit card info (Name of credit card holder)



Credit card info (Number of credit card)



Credit card info (Expiry date : Month/Year)



Your age





18) Your registered E-mail address will be displayed.




19) Click the green button to agree to the privacy policy.




20) Complete! (The ¥ amount is how much left to reach the goal)

※ We are afraid that we cannot provide you the English interface for this project.

If you have trouble using the Japanese platform,please contact us (info@mirai-no-mori.jp)for the information on the direct bank transfer.



Thank you!