Let Us Send the Children of the Care Home to the World Cup Soccer in Poland!


We, Japan’s oldest care home for children – FUKUDENKAI, given our history of taking care of 375 Polish orphans 98 years ago, have been sending our children for the past 2 years to participate in the “World Cup Soccer of Children from Care Homes”.  Participating in this event have clearly been productive such as children starting to talk about their dreams for the future.  However, as we are facing financial reality such that we are in difficulty gathering large expenses such as travel and uniform renewals, we would very much like to ask for your contribution.


International cultural exchanges by children from care homes.
We would like to let the children play World Cup Soccer in Poland!


Thank you very much for coming to this site.  I am Koichi Abe of FUKUDENKAI - Social Welfare Service Corporation in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Japan.  Fukudenkai, is the oldest care home for children established in Japan.  Fukudenkai was started in 1876 as Fukudenkai Nursery Home.  Now, we also run senior citizens home as well as an institution for the mentally handicapped children.


We have a history of taking care of 375 Polish orphans from Siberia in 1920 after World War I.  Given this historical fate, we have been sending our children from Fukudenkai plus those selected junior and high school members from 63 care homes of Tokyo to attend “World Cup Soccer of Children from Care Homes” in Warsaw for the past 2 years.


Scenes from last year’s tournament


By participating in this event, children from care homes learn how to enjoy while they make efforts in achieving a goal.  Also, through their very first overseas experience, children have developed desires to learn foreign languages and even study abroad in the future.  This event is clearly generating true results.


This year in 2018, we have been invited to and will be attending the tournament held on July 28th (Sat) and July 29th (Sun).  So far, travel and accommodation expenses were contributed by our supporters’ donations and in 2016 by “Akai Hane Central Community Chest of Japan” and in 2017 by crowd funding.


n the future, our hope is to ask our country, our government and the business community to support us as part of their philanthropy programs so that we would not have to trouble ourselves with financial deficits, but simply participate in the tournament as one attendee.  However, we are not up to creating such mechanisms yet, and we are very much struggling financially at the moment.


For this matter, we have decided to put together this project and would very much like to ask for your support.


Legia Stadium of Warsaw where the tournament is held.  We would like our children to stand on this world stage!


Children living in care homes are to leave the facilities as they reach the age of 18.


Care homes are facilities for children for various reasons who cannot live with their parents or guardians.  The utmost reasons behind their admissions are the parents’ child abuse, out of work and financial reasons; in other words, many cases where children themselves have no control over.  


And since law determines children to be ages under 18, aside from very special cases, once children reach 18, they will have to leave the facilities as they start their new lives either work or further studies.


These children who are all from troublesome family environment, to be thrown out to the storms of life and to be on their own just because they reach 18; it’s a very tough reality for them.   


We at Fukudenkai operate on the basis that we would like to support these children as best as we can to build their self-confidence and to live their lives to the utmost.  We believe sending them to Warsaw to attend this World Cup is a great opportunity for them to build their confidence and their dreams as well.


Last year – Practice before the tournament


Resumption of historical relationship between Poland and Fukudenkai after 90 years of blank history


As written earlier, Fukudenkai has a historical connection with Poland by saving the Polish orphans 98 years ago.  Through committed care and nursing, those children who were at the beginning famished and weak, recovered, and every single children were able to leave Japan in a healthy condition.


We are told that those Polish children were in tears as they departed our country, and after they’ve matured they are handing down stories to their children and grandchildren about their experiences in Japan.


Although these stories are not well known to us Japanese, these are the reasons why Japan is quite well known in Poland documented even in the school educational materials.


History back 97 years, picture with Polish children


Relationship between Poland and Fukudenkai has been halted for quite some time.  However, in 2010, Polish Ambassador to Japan (back then), Ambassador Jadwiga Maria Rodowicz, who was known to be a Japan expert happened to walk by our property.  “Is this THAT Fukudenkai?”, With great surprise, as she made her first visit to us, we were able to resume our relationship after 90 years.


Since then, we’ve been strengthening our cultural exchanges such as inviting the Ambassador to our events and we being invited to the embassy’s.


Poland has produced a famous educator - Mr. Korczak who has made great efforts in running orphanage homes and initiating child rights through child protection and nursing.  In this way, Poland is a pioneer in this area.  Through these circumstances, “World Cup Soccer of Children from Care Homes” is held and our children from Fukudenkai have been participating for the past 2 years consecutively.


Polish children enjoying our playground


Again, this year, we would like the selected children from Japan to experience the world stage.


Last year, the total cost for us to attend the event was approximately \4 million.  Through crowd funding, we were able to receive \ 2.098 million worth of contributions from the project among which we were able to get considerable contributions from Poland.


This was because those Polish people living in Japan translated and introduced the project page back home.  With all those help and cooperation, we were able to participate in the World Cup.



Even last year, we were able to receive many support through crowd funding!


As for this year, accommodation on site will be taken care of by the local sponsors.  As for round trip air tickets, Polish Airlines have kindly donated them to us.  However, we are still in need of more than \2 million.  Your kind contributions will cover expenses for uniform wears and shoes necessary for attending the tournament and study/training field trip fees for 10 children and 6 adult care givers who will be going to the event.


Children attending their send-off party before the tournament


Handing down of history is our responsibility.
For the future of the children, we ask you for your support and contributions!


This year marks the 100th year of independence for Poland from its neighboring countries.  2019 is a year celebrating 100th year of diplomatic relationship between Poland and Japan.


In these important years, we at Fukudenkai are planning to support Mr. Teruo Matsumoto in his book publishing efforts and to invite him to Japan for cultural business lecture meetings.  Mr. Matsumoto is a journalist who lives in Poland and is known for his studies on the Polish orphan reliefs.  


It may be rare for a social welfare service corporation such as us involved in welfare business contracted by the government, doing an activity such as this.  However, we believe that it is our duty as an institution with such long history to pass along and spread the word to the future generations.  And we believe our actions lead to disseminating the present child nursing issues to the rest of the society.    


We appreciate you reading our message about the project until the end.  Please let us attend “6th World Cup Soccer for the Children from Care Homes”.  Thanking you in advance for your support to us.


We ask for your cooperation and contribution, for the children’s dream and self-confidence!