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I want to deliver sustainable independence support to single mothers in Uganda


Nice to meet you! I am Hirata Nanami a member of The Matovu Foundation. I went to Uganda for one-year exchange program, lived in Nansana and had a homestay with a single mother who lost her husband due to HIV/AIDS in a family of 4 children. I worked as a volunteer at the care facility for children who lost parents with AIDS. For this reason, I very well understand the challenges such mothers go through and engaging in this project gives me the opportunity to support such children through supporting their mothers to become financially independent.

The project to be done this time is a project to support vocational assistance to single mothers who do not have sufficient income in Nansana, Wakiso district. The project is meant to train single mothers on how to start, maintain, and sustain small businesses and later help them with additional capital as sub-grants to enable them have an alternative for income and be able to feed their families. By doing this, we believe to be able to create a mechanism that enables local women to carry out financial activities on a sustainable basis a thing we believe will be promoting communal development inclusiveness.


A sum of (550,000 yen) is required to ensure implementation of this project. The fundraising project started already on December 8th 2016 to run until January 23, 2017. Please support us.

Thank you for your consideration.


Nanami Hirata with the host family



What is Matovu Foundation?


The Matovu Foundation is a charity organization that is operating in Nansana, Wakiso district of the Republic of Uganda and is engaged in communal empowerment project and vocational support for single mothers, youths, support to orphans. This charity organization was founded by Matovu Joseph, who is an orphan from the same region and whose education was supported by a Japanese NPO at Waseda university. Matovu’s motivation to establish the foundation is due to very challenging lifestyle he went through with his abandoned mother while still a child and the death of his mother in 1998 saw Nansana community becoming another parent so this is the platform he has established together with very concerned members to give back to community by empowering the most vulnerable groups.

Learn more about our activities by visiting our FACEBOOK page.




One of the members of The Matovu Foundation I met during my stay in Uganda was a teenager then and was desperately studying every day to earn a scholarship to study at a Japanese university. She is currently working in an NPO in Japan with the aim of realizing a society where children who have lost parents around the world can have an education regardless of the hardships they are facing in their daily lives.


I am thankful for the environment that raised myself like her and I was impressed by The Matovu Foundation and I am committed to work on this project to make this come true.


Hirata Nanami with the Ugandan family. Mama Piece Struggling to raise a child alone. 


I want to save single mothers in Nansana district.

One of the families (Ms, Nanami) stayed during her exchange program in Uganda during her school days. This lady in the picture is a single mother who just like any other woman in the area struggled to raise her children with a lot of difficulties. Doing just small scale business to sell maize on the streets of Nansana, she tried very hard to pay her children’s school fees, pay their medical fees and also feed them. It is our duty as The Matovu Foundation to support such mothers to enable improvement of their families’ income generating activities. They are so smart and not handicapped and very ready to take care of their own kids, and we cannot take full care of their families however much we want their lives to be better. Therefore, the sustainable solution is to support these single mothers to run small businesses so that they take care of their problems.  


Single mother attending to her business while caring for her child.



◆ Single mother Zainab


Single mother Zainab is living in a small single room with her three children; 4 years old, 2 years old and 6 months old. Her only source of income is small scale business as shown in the photo above with a daily income of about 180 yen. Paying the rent of 950 yen a month, taking care of other family necessities, and paying school fees is a battle.


Zainab 's husband died to HIV / AIDS. Zainab herself is infected with HIV/AIDS. Fortunately, three children are not infected.


Local members of The Matovu Foundation, "Asked Zainab if she was aware of HIV infection through breast feeding?"  and the response was "yes, but what do you expect me to do if I cannot manage to buy food to feed the baby?". In Uganda there are many mothers like Ms. Zainab who have to breast feed to raise children despite the possibility of being infected with HIV.


In Uganda there are many single mothers fighting alone for children like Zeninab. Our Foundation wishes seriously that we want to make a future where mothers and children can live with peace of mind.



Supporting single mothers also leads to support for children.



What single mother's support activities are carried out by the Matovu Foundation?
  • Vocational training
  • Business management lessons (starting and managing small retailed businesses)
  • Sub-grant capital assistance scheme


About the mechanism of this project


Survey is conducted conducted locally, and a single mother to be supported is selected.

① Implemented vocational training for single mothers. 
② Business amalgamation and sub-grant assistance; form groups of five mothers doing similar businesses in different villages. Each group received approx. 100,000 Yen
③ Follow-up, assessment, review done by the Matovu Foundation. 
④ Sub-grant refund in 12 months.
5. 14 months, repeating the procedure with new groups of mothers….(the process continues)


​▲ Overview of the business model of the Matovu Foundation



For the realization of children's smile -.


with the aim of future that can live with hope to the future of its own.


Through this project we will continue to support single mothers and our target is to benefit 2,000 mothers by 2019 in Nansana, and beyond Wakiso district. We will create a mechanism that enables them to earn income on their own by providing career support and non-interest-type loans. Ultimately, we will disseminate this mechanism widely, and we will send out an environment in which mothers and the entire community in Uganda can live an independent lifestyle.


Nanami Hirata (Matovu Foundation)


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