【Give an unforgettable rafting adventure to the children joining the 2015 Summer Camp!】




 Hello! This is the Mirai no Mori project team.

 1 week passed since our project has started. Currently we have the support of 22 people and 255,000 yen.



 A HUGE thank you to everyone who has kindly given their support. Here are some examples of the amazing supporters so far,



・Wrote a heartwarming message about children and donated for this project

・Said ”It's just a little bit  but..." and donated for this project

・Gave us an amazing suggestion to make a system for people who want to donate from overseas or can't read Japanese

・Donated ¥100,000!



 Your support is the power! It's not "just a little bit" donation. That means ALOT to us and it is why we are getting closer and closer to our goal.

 Please let us say thank you again for helping us sharing this project with more people!






 We are currently waiting for the attendance list from those institutions that have sent out the invitations for the camp this year. There will not only be some children who will attend for the first time, but some who will be attending 2 years in a row, and even for the 5th time.   


 We too are busy preparing for the camp and the rafting activity, imagining the faces of each of those children.







 The lively expressions on the faces of the children during the camp are so enchanting. Though they start the camp so tense, we really enjoy watching them gradually become more and more proactive.


 We can't wait to see the children, eyes shining through their many experiences at the camp, and how they will enjoy the rafting on the last day!





※ Photos are representative images provided by Concept Rafting. Mirai no Mori does not use any photo that shows the identity of actual camp participants.



 Only thanks to everyone's support, will this children's rafting project be possible.


All money will be refunded and back to ¥0 if the fundraising goal is not met.


We NEED your help to give new experiences to the children who will try this new challenge!





※If you have any questions about this project, please send us messeges through the website. Please ask if there're any problems since we don't have English website here.

Thank you!!!