I have a dream


My dream is to produce the first Japanese winners of the International Frederic Chopin Competition from among my students.


The Chopin Competition is held every five years,

and until now, many Japanese have participated in it, yet none have won first prize.


I believe the reason for this lies in the way sound is expressed through piano performance styles.


The style I use is called the ‘Russian Piano Technique’, which is rare among Japanese pianists.


The German School of piano playing focuses on putting strength into one’s fingers, while the Russian School lets the whole body relax and the fingers naturally rest on the keys in a style called the ‘Gravity Drops Technique’.


In the past, some of the first prize winners of the Chopin Competition have used this technique.


Therefore, I hope to help popularize this technique and want to produce the first Japanese winner of this competition from among my students.


From here, my dream is to build a piano school where those passionate about music can gather. The school will not only teach students piano technique but also the spirit of music.


The internal and external parts of the body are connected. 


I would like to present the Japanese Zen sensibilities I so value to the people of the world.


I believe it is important to enhance one’s spirituality and to follow your heart, and to let the sensitivity and humanity seep out, in order to make your music meaningful.


The music school I want to create is a school that teaches such philosophy to its students. 

To ask each students what message they want to pass to others and why do they study music; to teach them the importance of believing in themselves. I want a school that enabling its students to follow their hearts and produce their own sounds of music.



One step forward to possibility

First of all, I am aiming to perform at the Tokyo Olympic Opening.


I must raise my reputation to build this school and to gather students who, share the same feelings towards music with me and have the potential to win the Chopin Competition.  


Therefore, I gave myself the first goal as to perform at the opening ceremony of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.


There are only a few people who were able to perform at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.

I understand that this is not an easy goal to achieve.


However, human possibility is infinite


Never give up and you will get better.


I am truly believing in this.



To make touring the world’s five continents possible.


As I was deeply hoping for this, I had a valuable opportunity to go overseas for a concert tour.


This is a very important step, and a step forwards to perform at the Tokyo Olympic Games.


I will start performing my original songs when touring the Asia region, such as Singapore and Taiwan. From there onwards, I will have the chance to perform around the world, such as Cuba, Swiss, Estonia, Germany and France.



I will not let people down; I will make this dream come true.


Upon till now, I have received many support from others, and people are having great expectations from me.


If I can inspire others to dream, if one more person joins us, then we can all pursue our dreams together.


I realized this is what I have been thinking.


I will not let people regret what they have done to support me.


In order for one dream to give rise to the dreams of others, and to make people feel it is worth for them to support me, I will try my best to continue making efforts.


Please support my adventurous spirit and dream.


Don’t let our human potential to be stopped.  


To believe in possibility enables me to keep challenge myself, this will bring hopes and courage to my fans, my friend and everyone. I can make that promise with you right here.