【Give an unforgettable rafting adventure to the children joining the 2015 Summer Camp!】



 Hello! This is the Mirai no Mori project team.
 2 week passed since our project has started. Currently we have the support of 27 people and 331,000 yen!


 A HUGE thank you to everyone who has kindly given their support!Thank you so much to all of you for your kindness.


 We would like to introduce a special present to those of you who are kindly supporting our Mirai no Mori Camp this year. 








KEEN (http://www.keenfootwear.com/ja-jp/) has been a sponsor and donating shoes since we started and will also be donating a present. 





 KEEN is a new outdoor brand since 2003 with sandals that protect the toes and are strong in the water. The designs are great and can be worn not only as Outdoor wear, but also casually in the city. 


 Our staff also love these shoes and cloths, and use them not only for trekking, but also for playing in the water.









KEEN is offering a 10% discount coupon(Promotion Code) for those who donate ¥3,000 or ¥10,000, and a 20% discount coupon(Promotion Code) for those who donate ¥50,000 or ¥100,000.



※This Promotion Code will expire on 30th Sep, 2015. So please don't forget to use it!


Also, we are planning to send this coupon along with other goods via posts.











How to use the Promotion Code





1. Go to the website :    http://www.keenfootwear.com/ja-jp/


2. If you have your KEEN account already, log in.

If you don't, make a new account and log in.


3. Enjoy your shopping, and enter your Promotion Code on the purchase screen.


The discounted price will show automatically on the screen!






Only thanks to everyone's support, will this children's rafting project be possible.

All money will be refunded and back to ¥0 if the fundraising goal is not met.

We NEED your help to give new experiences to the children who will try this new challenge!

※If you have any questions about this project, please send us messeges through the website. Please ask if there're any problems since we don't have English website here.



Thank you!!!