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Connection of the Children(CoC) is the NGO and make the world one big family though an education program and a study tour. CoC also has one symbolic project which encourage travels treasuring a connection based upon a thread and simultaneously teaching the world it’s worth. 


The world will become a bigger family as the thread becomes longer and longer. In January 2017, We connected 10,000 people in 68 countries. This time we will take place one special event with that long thread from 4th to 30th of August and we have tried a fund raising using this crowd funding service.






'Connect people with a thread,
we would like to take place a workshop style exhibition using that thread at Yokohama!'


Hi everyone! Thank you very much for visiting this page. My name is Koske Kato who is the director of CoC. I love travel and sports. in 2011, I traveled all over the world by bicycle with my friend,Yoshi and in 2012 and 2013 I participated the triathlon long distance world championship.




CoC will make the world which all of the kids have a wide sight and do what they want to do cooperating with people who live all over the world based upon an education program and a study tour.


This time we will take place one special event in August about the thread project which connected more than 10,000 people in 68 countries so far.




'To get a connection with all over the world and various point of view through a travel.'


Yoshi and I wanted to be a teacher and majored pedagogy in an university. During in an university we learned about pedagogy and found its fascination but in a same time, we realized its issues. Then came up one question, 'what kind of teacher is really needed by children?'



Originally we loved traveling and we traveled a lot during a summer holiday and any other long holiday. And then we met a lot of people and knew many different world which we couldn't find out if we haven't travel. Took 4 years and done travel whole Japan by bicycle and we formed a hypothesis that the things which children needed to get was 'a wide view to the world' and 'a mind which accept various differences between people.'


To give that things for children, teachers also need to have it. So we decided to have a travel all over the world by bicycle and trid to share our experience to children. That was why we organized this thread project in 2010.


The children who met and did that thread project in our journey were enjoyed tying the thread with their eyes shining. One kid in India said to us, 'I had no idea at all for other countries but through this thread I got a friend in other countries and it made me be interested in their counties.' The thread project has connected 10,048 people so far. Tie a thread is really simple action but every single knot have an existence of someone living on the earth. We believe that people will appreciate one another regardless of their nationalities or cultural differences through the thread project, tie, see and touch the world connection. Our thread is can be said a symbol of peace and equality.



The purpose of this event is to make a space which people can connect with the world using by that thread.








2-3-1, Shinko, Naka-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 231-0001, Japan










糸 70億・つなぐ(70OKU⇔TSUNAGU )Flyer(PDF)(1.19MB)



In this project, we will display artwork made by artist Kato Chihiro with 10000 people connected thread and Pictures of those who have connected thread all over the world.

Participants can connect new threads and We will create a space where they can feel the existence of the people you have connected.





Project Support Course(For those who are outside of Japan, choice here)



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