Hello, this is Dave Paddock.

WOW! Thank you!

With over 24 hours remaining, we have hit our target thanks to incredible generosity from around the world.


Everyone's support and heartwarming messages have truly touched and inspired the entire Mirai no Mori camp team.






But this campaign is not over!


Every additional donation still has the power to change the life of an abused, neglected, or orphaned child.


Once the awesome whitewater experience is covered, all funds raised will go directly to supporting other aspects of the 5-day residential outdoor camps for these amazing children.

While the program team works incredibly hard to keep costs down, there's no way around it - delivering world-class outdoor residential camps requires real resources. Purchasing and maintaining our gear to safe standards, training our activity leaders, keeping up our outdoor medical certifications - these are some of the ways we guarantee a safe, fun, professional outdoor adventure for every child.


Not to mention the basics like preparing enough delicious and nutritious food to satisfy the appetites of a horde of young adventurers!





Every child deserves to experience nature and the outdoors, of course, but these children from some very tough backgrounds are gaining so much more at Mirai no Mori.

Real-life English skills, both widening their world and increasing their job competitiveness as they enter adulthood.

And mentoring and friendship, which many of these children have found in short supply so far.

It's not just about the five days at camp - it's about what paths are open to these children from here on.

We currently cannot accept nearly all the children who are waiting to join our camps and other programs, due to funding constraints.

So, please, even as we celebrate crossing the finish line of our first ever crowd funding campaign, let's keep going!


Your generous donation supplies not just hope, but real skills and improved outcomes to children who have seldom experienced the kind of love that you and I can share with them.



Please donate now, or share this message with your friends. And again, thank you so very much!

Dave Paddock, co-founder and chairman
NPO Mirai no Mori