We would like to build a special “community-house” for Jamaican children in order to give consideration to their dreams. 


My life is in Jamaica since November 2016. 
I really enjoying my life with my family and friends. 
But I realized about jamaica especially this community has many problems. 

Like... when my husband was walking alone at night, the gun man come and took his computer and phone. That’s no sense, right?
So I started thinking, what can I do to make our  community get better.

Then.. a wonderful idea just ran through my mind.
I wanna building a community-house here for kids and also any people!
..but our life is really tough, we don’t have enough money. 
So now, I trying to get supporters for our project with crowdfunding. 
We need $6000 in US. 


This is what is “community-house” and why I wanna do it.


If you could agree with our opinion and u wanna be a our supporter, please let me know. 
I going to tell you how to support us. 
Because the crowdfunding page is all Japanese. 


I was really excited when I came to jamaica first time. Because the nature, the people, music... everything is beautiful. 
They have a spirit of “no problem jamaica! Take it easy”. I’m attracted to that.


After 6 month I moved to here and started my Jamaican life in Eden. 

But I realized jamaica has a lot of problems.  
1, poor communication skills
2, some kids ain’t go to school or some parents ain’t let kids go to school. 
3, some people can’t read or write. 
4, some people ain’t work even they have a good health 
5, many trouble from the gun



“I don’t want to begin thinking that people or things are hateful because I love jamaica” 
So I started think about “how do I change the problems going well?”


Why people has gun?
Why they don’t work?
Why people can’t communicate well?
Why kids ain’t go to school even the public school are here?


They don’t know school is very important. They don’t know how beautiful and powerful if kids have a dream. 
That’s the reason for any and all problems. 


So I wanna make system that kids and parents mind gonna change to “school is important.”

kids and any people can have a conversation about dreams and aspirations

I gonna call the system and the place “community-house”. They need this community-house. 

Kids and any people can come and stay anytime. There are interesting books, interesting cultures from all over the world computer and games to improve communication among each other. 


Kids look at working people, kids gonna know how to communicate with people, 
Kids gonna have beautiful dreams and aspirations . 

But I know if I build just this community-house, nobody want to come. Because nobody knows this system, nobody knows this visions. 
So I going to build sports bar also. 

Sports is 1 of the best way to reach out and communicate with people. And Jamaicans love sports. 
And of course we need a money cycle for management the place. 

So EYU* gonna build community-house also sports bar. 


This is my vision, my project.

And my dream. 


Thank you for taking the time to read all of my project. 


*E.Y.U. [Eden Youths United]
organization is about youth and community development through sports and entertainment