Huge number of children get infection through mosquitoes in Thailand.
We would like to deliver portable repellent blanket to them.


Sawasdee Krub. I am Nittaya Angsila. I am a chairman of Asia Children Education Center (ACEC) We have provided educational support to children for 23 years in 20 prefectures located in North East part of Thailand where many people are still in poverty 

Have you ever heard the news “School was built in the village of mountain tribe by support from Japan”? There are many schools built by support from Japan in 1990’s. It sounds nice, but there were various kind of problems such as “Wages are unpaid to teachers” “Teachers are not enough because of lack of budget”, “Children must work instead of going to school”. We have seen this kind of situation many times since ACEC was established.


What they would like to be supported is individually different. Therefore, we visit them to see what exactly they need.
We have provided non-refundable scholarship and donation of books and uniforms.


We would like to deliver repellent blanket to children who suffer from dengue fever. This repellent blanket can be used for long time, and light and easy to carry to school. 


Many people are suffered from dengue fever especially in rural area of Thailand. We finally would like to deliver this repellent blanket to 10000 children. Through this crowd funding, we target 100 children in a village where craving repellent blankets. Please kindly give us your support.
Mosquitoes get inside of the house through crevice in the wall


Children are looking forward to joining study camp.However,
some of them are not coming in rainy season.


ACEC provides educational support such as Non-Refundable Scholarship, Study Camp, Mobile Library, and Donation of stationary and books to children who are not able to receive same education as urban area because of several kinds of home environment.  


We use space without walls in the school for Study Camp. Therefore, children are always bitten by mosquitoes during Study Camp. However, children are still looking forward to joining to Study Camp or Mobile Library very much even mosquitoes are around them.  


In rainy season, we found some children were not joining to Study Camp. Teacher told us some students got dengue fever and on a long absent. This was not a rare case.
Children who are looking forward to joining to Study Camp.


150,000 patients of dengue fever every year.
They might not be died if they were in Japan.


In Thailand, mosquitoes are around us for whole year. Local government spray insecticide widely in case of the dengue fever spread is expected. However, as we can see from the living environment in rural area, effect of insecticide is very limited. Improvement of living environment seems quite difficult due to lack of budget of each family. It is impossible to terminate mosquito which carries infections. We have no realistic solution currently.  


In Thailand, about 140,000 to 150,000 people get dengue fever every year, and 1% of them are died. It is reported that half of the dead are children. North East part of Thailand is an area the largest number of patients are reported.


Once children get dengue fever, they will get high fever for 2 to 7 days, and it takes 2 to 4 weeks to recover completely. There are no effective medicine or vaccine, so they must stay in hospital once they get worse. They will lose the time of study and takes time to catch up.   


Lack of education cause the cycle of poverty. The cycle of poverty causes unimproved living environment. Unimproved living environment brings and spreads dengue fever. Dengue fever brings big impact on children even they do not reach to the death.
Children must stay in hospital. It takes time to catch up 


PROJECT: 10000 PCS for 10000CHILDREN
We would like to delivery repellent blanket to children in rural area.


We would like to delivery repellent blanket produced by INSECT SHIELD Co ltd to prevent dengue fever for children. This time, 100 pieces of blankets will be delivered to children in rural area where infection ratio is reported to high.


INSECT SHIELD products repel not only mosquito, but also ticks lice, ants and midgets.


Repellent components of INSECT SHIELD are harmless for human. Even baby or kids put into their mouth, there will be no damage on their health. Washing does not effect to its repellent components and can be used for long time as compare with other repellent products.


This blanket is light and portable. We really would like them to bring to our Study Camp, and also use in their house.


All expenses for delivery blanket to children such as fuel fee will be covered by budget of ACEC. Therefore, all founds will be used to by blankets and commission for Ready For.


INSECT SHIELD repellent blanket has been delivered to children in poor African countries through World Vision® and has been supported to prevent infections.
Light and portable repellent blanket for children


Education is the most important aspect to stop the cycle of poverty.
Children needs the environment that they can go to school every day.


Currently income of Thai people is increasing due to the economic growth of Thailand since beginning of 2000’s, and living environment has been improved as well. However, it is only for urban area around Bangkok, and the area industrial estates are placed. We cannot see the drastic change in living environment in rural area.  


We have met a grandmother who takes care her granddaughter with her 700THB pension per month. We have met children who does not have breakfast in their house, but in temple. We still can see this poor situation around us and it is not extreme case.


It is necessary to carry on our educational support activities. We have to provide two things to carry on our activities. One is to take some steps to maintain health of children, and the other is to reduce the risk of dengue fever and provide an environment that children are intend to study comfortably. Please give us your kind support to achieve our goals.
Please give us your kind support to achieve our goals.