Hello everybody! 

My name is Emiko Tanaka.

I have been spreading "Yosakoi dance" in the world as a Yosakoi ambassador from Kochi prefecture.


We had a huge success to participate the Kochi Yosakoi festival with 63 dancers from 12 countries this year and planing to join the festival again with more international dancers.

My dream is spreading this great and beautiful dance in the world and exchanging cultures through Yosakoi.


However it costs a lot to participate this festival from outside of Japan.

We have to make a music track which costs at least 1,000,000 yen(around $10,000).

We have to make our song, choreo, costume, etc...and each dancer needs to pay travel cost to fly to Japan too.

So we decided to ask people to support us and started this crowdfunding campaign.


A half day passed since we started our crowdfunding campaign for participating the Kochi Yoskaoi festival and some people already donated for us!

We really appreciate your donations. Thank you very much!


Today we got message video from Furachinarhythm which is a Japanese music band and taking care of our music.

We would like them to perform our song next year as well.


They gave us a great message!

We added English subtitles in this video so please enjoy it!


Our goal of this campaign is 1,500,000 yen.(around $15,000.)

If we don't reach the goal, we cannot receive any donation money and we cannot participate the Yosakoi festival.

Please give us your hand to help sending international dancers to Kochi!




Their official website is here.